Roller Squeegees – Efficient Moisture Level Management

Posted on 25 Nov 09:20

Roller Squeegees and the Art of Putting

In the precision game of golf, putting is one of the most precise arts. Playing the shot requires a keen reading of the green and inch perfect accuracy. Putting a ball also needs a pristine green with ideal moisture levels.

Excess water on a green is a problem that can badly affect putting conditions. The standing water can cause a ball to stop abruptly and unexpectedly. This makes it difficult for even the most adept players to putt effectively, which is why roller squeegees are so important in turf maintenance.

Roller squeegees are tools that can be used to quickly and easily get rid of excess water from the putting green, helping to keep this area of the hole in top condition. Roller squeegees can also be used on other areas of the hole.


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Roller Squeegees – Easy to Handle

Roller squeegees are operated by hand. The turf maintenance tools are fitted with a long pole that makes them easy to use at a height comfortable for the handler. The operative end of a roller squeegee features a smooth but durable plastic wheel. When lateral pressure is applied to the handle, the wheel rotates smoothly along a single axis.

Roller squeegees are made of materials that are resistant to water damage. This is an important factor that ensures that the roller squeegees do not need much in the way of upkeep.


Roller Squeegees – Easy on the Green

The putting green can be very easily damaged, particularly when wet. The spiked footwear of players or a misplaced swing of a club can both churn up an overwatered green. In addition to being user friendly, the smooth action of roller squeegees means that the tools are very soft on the green. This ensures that no damage is done to the delicate green when the roller squeegee is being used.