Golf Course Equipment For Beginners

Person Using Corer Collector

With so many different tools and machines on the market, it can be difficult to figure out what you really need as a novice greenkeeper. In this blog we’ll take you through all of the essentials to get you started.

We have put together a short guide on the essential golf course equipment you need.

Bunker Rakes

For the best presentation and playability, bunkers need to be raked on a regular basis to produce as smooth of a surface as possible. Bunker rakes are used to achieve this by removing any ball divots or footprints that may affect somebody’s shot.

General Purpose Rakes & Tools

General purpose rakes can be used for a variety of greenkeeping tasks, such as compact ground work, preparation prior to laying turf, overseeding or clearing leaves from the course. These rakes often come with a straight back edge for easy grading and levelling.

Some other tools that are useful for general course maintenance:

Snow shovels: The obvious use here is for shoveling snow off the course, but can also be used for collecting cores and moving top dressings.
Bunker debris sieve rakes: A simple and effective tool for removing leaves, stones and litter from bunkers.
Turf edging tool: Great for maintaining sharp lawn edges.
Edging shears: Great for trimming grass edges.

Turf Doctors

A turf doctor is used to patch up and repair locally damaged areas of turf. Each area is cut precisely and fits quickly and neatly into every exchange hole, enabling the repaired areas to be played on straight away.

Turf Doctors typically extract pyramid shaped squares, however BMS also offer a hexagonal shaped tool for an attractive honeycomb effect.

Corer Collector

Designed for lawn aeration, our corer collector provides assistance with irrigation, seeding and de-compacting areas to aid root growth. The BMS core collector has been specially designed with a collection box, allowing greenkeepers to collect all the remnants of soil that are ejected from the hollow tines. This means your turf is left tidy and you are also able to inspect what has been gathered.

Pitchmark Repair Tool

The BMS pitchmark repair tool is essential for quickly repairing ball marks and indentations on fin turf areas. By using a specialist tool, indentations can be lifted without tearing, to ensure your green is completely even.

Seed Slotters & Spikers

Seed slotter: Seed slotters are used for overseeding worn areas on all fine turf areas. They allow the penetration of seed and water into compacted playing surfaces, which greatly speeds up the seed germination and quickens the recovery of the playing surface.

Spiker: Spikers allow the penetration of air and water, while alleviating surface compaction.


Levelawns pretty much do what it says on the tin – they level your lawn! By using this tool it becomes much easier to achieve an even distribution of top soil, sand, peat and other topdressing materials. It also has inner bars which are ideal for collecting and removing stones and debris.

Soil Samplers

Soil samplers are used to collect samples of soil near the ground’s surface in order to determine things like its fertility status and chemical properties, which can then inform your turf management programme.

Dew Brushes

Dew brushes can be used on greens, tees and approaches to completely clear dew from the course. An increase in dew on the turf has been shown to increase the likelihood of turf diseases such as dollar spot and brown patch, so it’s vital that dew removal becomes part of your regular routine.


Dew Switch & Roller Squeegees

Dew switches are used for the removal of dew, debris and worm castings from greens and other fine turf. Promoting quicker drying and raising of ground temperature to encourage growth and avoid disease. Meanwhile roller squeegees are designed to push collected water quickly and effectively.


Specialist holecutters are designed to create the perfect sized golf hole, providing clean and accurate cuts. These allow for teeholes to be moved frequently without disturbing the rest of the greens. Our iPro golf hole cutter can be seen being used in the following video.

We hope this guide has been helpful to help you get all the tools that you need in your arsenal as a beginner green keeper. If you have any particular areas of concern or particular areas of your golf course that you want to perfect our team of experts are available to contact.

Please get in touch with us on or 01582 758444.

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