How to Repair Bare Spots in Your Lawn


In this blog we are going to share with you a simple and easy way of repairing bare spots on your lawn. It’s also an inexpensive method, so you can do it yourself if you want. This will work for any type of grass or turf that has been damaged by drought conditions. We have put together the essentials you will need as well as the steps for repairing bare spots in your lawn. 

Step 1: What you will need

You will need the following items for this project:

– A shovel

– Soil

– Mulch or rocks

– Water sprayer

– Planting mix

– Sprinkler

– Garden hose

– Hand trowel

– Shovels

– Weeding tools

If you don’t have these things yet, that’s okay – we’re going to get to all of those soon. For now, just know what you’ll be using them for.

Step 2: Preparing the area 

First, make sure there are no weeds growing where you plan to repair the area. If there are, remove any existing weed plants. This makes cleanup much easier later when they’ve been removed from their roots. Next, dig out some soil along the edges of the bare spot with a shovel. Don’t go too deep because you won’t need more than about 3 inches below ground level. Put down a layer of plant material over the top of the dugout hole, making certain not to let water seep into the hole. Then fill up the hole with dirt until everything has reached exactly even levels again.

Step 3: Adding moisture & fertiliser

Now comes the fun part… add fertiliser and moisture. First, use a watering hose to wet the entire surface of the new planting bed. Make sure the water goes at least 8″ deep into the ground beneath the grassy areas around the edge of the patch. Use enough water so that it runs off the surface of the moistened earth. Let sit for 15 minutes then repeat this process every few days for 4 weeks after planting. Afterward, apply a light sprinkling of fertilise once per month for several months afterward.

Depending on how long ago the bare spot was created and whether other vegetation grew back before you started applying fertiliser, the amount of time required may vary slightly. Some people prefer to wait 6 months between applications while others might only require one application. Whatever works best for you! Once finished, enjoy watching your beautiful garden grow!

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