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If you are looking for creative items with little hassle and stunning results, then the BMS range of fully customisable course furniture is ideal. Ranging from course overview and reserved tee signs to yardage posts and rope stakes, BMS can create any kind of equipment your outdoor area may need.

Some of our other specialties are bins, whether they are standard square bins or custom made to fit your requirements, they will always be durable and fully weather resistant. Benches, finger post signs and tee posts are also some of the other items we manufacture

Benches & Litter Bins

Round Litter Bin Lid With Handle

32.76 $

Benches & Litter Bins

Round Litter Bin Lid With Hole

32.76 $
31.50 $40.32 $
37.49 $
1,190.70 $
567.00 $

Course Furniture

Straight Top Tee Sign

409.50 $560.70 $

Benches & Litter Bins

Tapered Litter Bin

176.40 $220.50 $

Course Furniture

Tee Posts

99.54 $119.70 $
1,253.70 $
623.70 $

Course Furniture

Angled Top Tee Sign

535.50 $623.70 $