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The iPro is easily recognised as one of the best holecutters on the market due to its impressive features such as anti vibration grips and a strong locking ratchet mechanism the strain of cutting holes is all taken by the product. There are also accessories such as the depth stop which helps users cut an accurate hole every time and the docking station to protect the iPro blade and make transportation of the iPro easier.

Holecutters, Cups & Accessories

i-Pro Golf Hole Cutter

$1,275.58 ($1,062.98 ex. VAT)

$1,403.93 ($1,169.94 ex. VAT)

$240.67 ($200.56 ex. VAT)

Holecutters, Cups & Accessories

Docking Station & Shed Caddy

$94.67 ($78.89 ex. VAT)

Holecutters, Cups & Accessories

iPro Depth Stop Adjustment Ring

$72.20 ($60.17 ex. VAT)