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Turf Care & Hand Tools

TT Sarel Spikers

572.69 $3,181.64 $

Turf Care & Hand Tools

Turf Lifting Iron

108.18 $

Turf Care & Hand Tools


100.54 $

Turf Care & Hand Tools

Wentworth Divot Repair Tool

197.26 $
82.72 $

General Purpose Rakes & Tools

Wooden Hay Rake

40.72 $

Turf Care & Hand Tools

1.3kg Rubber Mallet

15.91 $

Turf Care & Hand Tools

1.5″ Soil Sampler

100.54 $

Turf Care & Hand Tools

2″ Spotless Plugger

113.27 $

Levelawns & Lutes

28″ Flip-Over Levelawn

146.36 $
190.90 $

Agronomist Tools & Bootwipers

3 Section, 3m Straight Edge

184.53 $

Tools like the soil samplers will be used to examine a section of the ground to make sure there is no disease and that the soil quality is correct. Other tools such as the corer collector, sarel spikers and seed slotters and spikers can be used for aeration of the ground or making holes in preparation for seeds to be spread.

Turf doctors are also used to cut holes and replace or test areas of soil. For use with spreading top dressing, seeds or fertilisers the harvester, dragmat and dragbrushes will be ideal and effortless. Also used for preparation work and finishing surfaces are the levelawns and lutes.

For more technical use there are agronomist tools such as stimpmeters and grass height measuring prisms, there is also linemarking paint and stencils available for the smaller details. When it comes to irrigation there are sprinkler head trimmers available, or roller squeegees if the grass is too wet.