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Treck Professional Sprayer


Tank: 16L capacity. Visible liquid level. Reinforced ergonomic seat for improved back comfort for prolonged use. Highly comfortable innovative carrying concept (designed and developed in partnership with LAFUMA, a specialist in back packs) very comfortable shoulder strap/back strap/waist belt (straps and belt are adjustable lengthwise), - weight distribution is 50% on the shoulders and 50% on the lower back, each strap is adjustable, removable accessory bag (nozzles, etc) The Reversible pump lever (left/right), is adjustable in all positions (width and height in 10 degree increments). High capacity membrane and curvilinear piston pump. Pressure limiter adjustable from 0 to 5 bars. Highly chemical resistant and mechanically tough composite telescopic lance tube, 0.6m / 1.2m long. Adjustable universal nozzle holder.

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