Top Tips For Lawn Care & Maintenance

Person Using Rake

BMS Products have a large range of turf care tools to help you look after your lawn. Maintaining the overall quality of your lawn will help you to achieve a desirable look for your garden or green. Whether you’re a groundsman, greenkeeper, horticulturist or someone who is enthusiastic about their garden we have the tools for you.

A lot of our tools are for daily use for lawn care and maintenance, these products include rakes, mallets, dew brushes and swishers as well as pitchmark repair tools for daily golf course care. Another great tool which may not directly help your lawn but will save you dirty shoe prints in your home or in the golf club is the bootwipers, used to remove excess dirt or sand from your shoes.

Time to learn about the tools that can help you care for your lawn area no matter the size:


Rakes are a great multi-purpose tool, they can be used to prep soil prior to a lawn being laid or to remove dirt and debris from the top of the lawn after busy periods or storms. BMS stock a range of rakes in varying sizes and they can be used for other areas of outdoor maintenance too, such as raking sand and gravel into place.


Now mallets may not help to care for your lawn directly, however, have you ever tried getting a goal post, sign, rotary washing line or anything else you can imagine into a tough lawn? It isn’t easy, and doing it without the right tools can cause damage, leaving you with an unsightly area of half attempted holes and torn up turf. Save yourself the hassle by using a mallet when you’re next trying to get something to stay in your lawn.

Dew Brushes:

Whilst early morning dew can make for an aesthetically pleasing picture, like the type you see in wildlife calendars. It isn’t always welcome, not when you have a busy day of visitors to the green or are planning on hosting brunch in your garden. That’s where a dew brush comes in handy, enabling you to easily remove the dew from your lawn quickly. The dew brush linked above also comes in two halves meaning it can be easily stored and transported. Another unique feature is that one half of the brush can be lifted to make the brush smaller, ensuring you can get into hard to reach areas.

Dew Swishers:

More dew removal, but why keep something that’s covering your well maintained grass. Dew swishers can also help you remove worm castings from golf greens and fine turf. Whilst promoting quicker drying, and raising the ground temperature to encourage growth and avoid diseases that could destroy your lawn.

Pitchmark repair tools:

Whether its ball marks and indentations in the green, animal tracks or motorcycle tread the pitchmark repair tool can lift most indentations where the lawn is not completely torn apart. You can use these on golf courses but also in gardens to help remove childrens scooter patterns or marks from garden chairs.

Other tips for lawn care and maintenance:

  • Regularly mow your lawn, letting it get too long will only make it harder to cut, and regular mowing can help to promote healthy growth. 
  • Water deeply 2-3 times a week, preferably early in the morning before it can get too hot.
  • Ensure you weed your grass and relieve any compacted grass to help care for your lawn and make sure it’s as aesthetically pleasing as possible.
  • Lastly, if your lawn is looking lackluster, don’t forget to feed it. 

This blog has focused on lawn care and maintenance that can easily be done on a daily basis with simple tools. BMS Products also stocks a wide range of more complex tools for expert lawn enthusiasts, greenkeepers and groundsmen, such as agronomist tools, irrigation tools and lawn levellers, so just take a look. 

At BMS Products we hope this blog was useful, for any further information on any of our products do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our dedicated team on 011582 758 444 or email 

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