Lawn Perfection: Elevate Your Turf Care Game with Levelawns and Lutes

The lawn is a focal point in many homes, whether you’re living in a British suburb, an American ranch, or a European villa. Yet, a beautiful, carpet-like lawn is not just the result of regular mowing and watering. The secret lies in maintaining an even surface and properly distributed soil. For this, no tool is more essential than the Levelawn, also known as a Lute.

What Are Levelawns and Lutes?

Levelawns and Lutes are specialized tools designed for smoothing uneven surfaces and distributing top dressing materials like sand, loam, or topsoil. They are invaluable for homeowners aiming for a flawless lawn and professionals in turf care, from gardeners in the UK to lawn care service providers in the USA to landscape contractors in Europe.

The Many Uses of Levelawns and Lutes

  • Levelling uneven areas in your yard or sports field
  • Spreading dressing materials evenly
  • Collecting small stones or debris
  • Helping in lawn rejuvenation projects like reseeding

Using a Levelawn or Lute not only distributes soil more evenly but also improves water drainage, contributing to a more resilient and beautiful lawn.

Instructions for Achieving the Perfect Lawn

  1. Select the Right Tool: Different sizes cater to different needs, from small suburban lawns to expansive football pitches. BMS offers a range of sizes, including the 28″ Flip-Over Levelawn, the 36″ Levelawn, the 40″ De-Luxe Levelawn, and the 48″ Superub Levelawn.
  2. Preparation: Lay down your top dressing material of choice across the area you intend to level.
  3. Using the Tool: Hold the handle of the Levelawn or Lute and drag it across the surface to distribute the material.
  4. Review and Repeat: Examine the levelled area and repeat the process as needed, perhaps using a light rake to smooth out any lingering imperfections.
  5. Watering: Conclude by watering the area to help settle the material.

Special Features and Types of Tools

BMS offers a range of specialized Levelawns and Lutes:

  • 28″ Flip-Over Levelawn: A versatile tool featuring a flip-over design for initial leveling and cutting high spots.
  • 36″ Levelawn: Lightweight and ideal for spreading screened topsoil, sand, or loam.
  • 40″ De-Luxe Levelawn and 48″ Superub Levelawn: Perfect for larger surface areas requiring a high level of precision.

International Job Titles and Terminology

While gardeners are the primary users of these tools in the UK, other professionals globally find them equally indispensable. In the USA, you’ll find groundskeepers, golf course superintendents, and lawn care service providers using them. In Europe, landscape contractors and horticulturists frequently use Levelawns and Lutes.

Tips for Lawn Care Enthusiasts

  • Be gentle: Overly aggressive use can compact the soil or damage your lawn.
  • Practice makes perfect: Achieving a perfectly levelled lawn may take a few tries, so patience is key.
  • Large areas: If your lawn or field is sizable, consider enlisting some help to speed up the work.

Closing Remarks

If you’re committed to maintaining a perfect lawn, a Levelawn or Lute should be an essential tool in your arsenal. As always, nothing beats the original. BMS Products have been manufacturing high-quality turf care hand tools in the UK for over 30 years, and their original designs continue to set the industry standard.

In the world of turf care, whether you’re a gardener in England or a golf course superintendent in the United States, a Levelawn or Lute is an indispensable tool.

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