Ballwashers & Accessories

No course is complete without ballwasher stations to ensure that any on course debris or mud doesnt interfere with play. We understand that during the wetter months it can be all to easy for golf balls to end up with mud, grass or other debris stuck to them. This is why our ballwashers and Bootwiper Stations have been designed to help golf courses deal with mud and debris during those wetter winter months.

We currently have our Aluminium Ballwasher and Composite Ballwasher, both provide exceptional cleaning results and can easily be attached to a ballwasher post to create a ready to go ball cleaning station.

The Aluminuim Ballwasher is our premium heavy duty model created from high quality solid cast aluminium with a spiral action plunger and a large capacity tank. Our composite ballwasher is designed for simplicity, with a one piece design, the only part that will need to be replaced over time is the two internal brushes.

For those looking for replacement parts, we manufacture spare golf ball washer agitators, drain plugs and brush assembly parts for the Aluminium Spiral Ballwasher, as well as spare brushes for our Composite Ballwasher. Or for golf clubs looking for general ballwasher accessories, we also sell ballwasher towels, mounting posts, mounting post brackets and ballwasher fluid.

For more tee box essentials, be sure to check out our full range of Tee Box Products for signage and tee box markers. If you would like more information on our ballwashers, head over to our contact page where you can find our enquiry form.