There’s no doubt that one of the most important priorities for any greenkeeper looking to keep a golf course in optimum condition is irrigation. Irrigation is the process of ensuring that the course is consistently hydrated, allowing for optimum turf growth and turf quality maintenance.

This is especially important when we talk about areas that are undergoing turf repair, or putting greens where turf quality is vital not only for appearance but for performance. For those looking to ensure the best ground conditions are achieved, we also have a highly specialised range of Agronomy tools for turf testing.

In order to ensure that sections of the golf course are kept well hydrated, it is important that they not only have access to a water supply but that there’s also a way for that water to be distributed onto the area. Our Tricoflex Hose and Sprinkler frame mean that every hole on the golf course will have access to water plus a way of getting that water from the ground and onto the surface of the course.

To further maximise the results from your irrigation system, it is also essential that the correct aeration tools are being used to maximise water absorption into the soil. This will aid in seed germination for healthier turf growth.

For areas that require more attention we also offer our Aquatine which can easily be connected to our Tricoflex hose with a hose coupling. Designed with four tines, our Aquatine allows water to be directly injected into the ground to get straight to any seeds or roots.

For superior turf quality greenkeepers can also use our drencher pellet gun, this can be used with most brands of wetting agent pellets to provide optimum turf nourishment for healthier, greener, lusher turf conditions.

Our irrigation range also includes sprinkler head trimmers, heavy duty hose trolleys, replacement sprinkler parts, spare tines, hose couplings and hose clamps.

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