Holecutters & Accessories

When it comes to golf course hole cutting we at BMS Products are proud to offer a selection of the best holecutting tools on the market today. Our extensive range of holecutters includes the Holemaster Holecutter, Wintermaster Holecutter, Railmaster Holecutter, Turfmaster Hole Cutter and our revolutionary range of iPro Holecutters. All of which have been specifically designed to provide the cleanest most accurate cut for professional looking greens, especially when combined with our green turf care products.

Our holecutters are able to deliver such consistent and reliable high quality results due to the advanced research and engineering that has gone into creating them. All of our holecutters are engineered with an indicator to ensure the correct cut depth is achieved, with our Railmaster being the first ever holecutter to be designed with a guided rail system to guarantee consistent blade performance.

It is also important to us that our holecutters are able to provide these superior results whilst maintaining an easy to use experience. That is why our holecutters have been designed to be as lightweight as possible, as well as being engineered to make it almost impossible for any problems to occur during the holecutting procedure.

Like with any product, over time wear and tear can become an issue and performance can start to suffer, leading to an inferior end result. So for those who already own one of our holecutters, we also manufacture and supply spare holecutter blades. These are available for all of our holecutters and have been created using hardened steel designed to help you achieve year after year perfect holecutting results without having to replace your entire holecutting unit.

Once your holes have been cut, head over and view our holecups and accessories, or flag pins and pin flags for the perfect finish.

Check out our full range below to find out more, or for any other enquiries feel free to submit an enquiry form on our Contact Us page.