Tee Markers

Our tee markers range hosts one of the most important products for any tee box, tee markers are an essential piece of golf course furniture as they provide players with a place from where to tee off.

However tee markers are not only important for distinguishing where players should hit their tee shots from, but also for good tee box maintenance. The regular position changes of tee markers also allows for other areas of the tee box to be rested, reseeded and revitalised using professional turf care tools and products.

At BMS Products we supply a wide range of tee box markers, including half log markers, full log markers, disc tee markers, square tee markers and traditional rectangular shape tee markers. For golf clubs looking for customisable tee markers, we have our Custom Tee Disk Markers, EcoPlex Full Log Tee Markers and EcoPlex Half Log Tee Markers. These will allow for golf club logos and hole information such as hole number, yardage, par and stroke index to be printed.

BMS also manufactures broken tee caddy markers, these are an incredibly handy product which not only act as a tee box marker but also helps keep tee boxes tidy by proving a place for players to dispose of broken tees.

Our tee markers are also available in a range of different colours such as red, blue, white, yellow and green which allows for golf clubs to make sure players can easily recognise which tee markers they should be teeing off from.

We also offer spare end caps for our log tee markers, these are a great way to add a nice personalisation to specific competitions or event days by having interchangeable end caps that have the name of the competition or event day on.

For those also looking to provide clear walkways when entering and leaving the tee box, why not view our range of pathway posts and chains to find Rope Stakes, Chain Posts, Chain and Rope.

View our full range below to find out more, or for any questions or enquiries head over to our Contact Us page to give us a call or fill in our enquiry form.