Divot Bag Stand & Boxes

Our divot repair range is for golf clubs that are passionate about keeping their fairways and tee boxes in top condition. Divots are unavoidable on any golf course, so we want to help you and your members/visitors keep on top of them. Our divot repair range includes everything your golf course needs, including divot boxes, divot scoops, divot repair bags and divot bag stands. Golf courses can even completely protect their tee boxes during maintenance periods with our heavy duty Tee Box Driving Mat.

Divot repair bags are a fantastic way to allow members and visitors to be more involved in helping keep the course in optimal condition. Divot bags can be filled with repair mix in advance and hung on our divot bag stand by the first tee, people can then collect a bag as they arrive at the first tee box. Our bags are easy to attach to a golf bag and allow players to repair any divots they make on the way around the course.

You can also ensure your tee boxes are looked after with our divot box and divot scoop. These are perfect for any par 3 tee box, or any tee boxes where people regularly hit irons. Our divot boxes are designed to be completely waterproof so golf clubs don’t have to worry about water getting into the divot boxes and ruining the divot mixture.

We also offer a great range of personalisations that can be made on our divot bag stands and divot bags, allowing customers to add logos and text as well as choose colours that best match your golf club’s colours.

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For more information on our range of divot repair products contact us by phone or head over to our contact us page to fill out an enquiry form.