Roller Squeegees

Our squeegees are designed to help maintain your golf greens throughout those autumn/winter months. No matter how advanced your course drainage is, standing surface water can still occur after heavy rainfall and you don’t want your guests putting through puddles. That’s why BMS has designed its premium range of Roller Squeegees as well as Dew Switches and Brushes.

We understand that turf quality can be one of the biggest factors that sets golf courses apart. Whether it’s your tee boxes, fairways or putting greens, a well maintained golf course will not only look more appealing, but will also allow for a more enjoyable playing experience.

From years of experience creating turf care equipment, we have been able to create our range of squeegees with the goal of providing the most effective tools for greenkeepers. Designed using heavy gauge flexible PVC skin, our squeegees are created to be super strong and durable, meaning your squeegees will stand the test of time.

Our squeegees all come complete with a long, sturdy handle ensuring ease of use. Roller squeegees are also available in 2 different sizes, these are 0.6m & 1m wide. They are also designed to be completely green friendly so there is no risk of damage being caused to the surface of the green.

For more solutions to ensure excessive amounts of water don’t become a problem on your course, check out our huge range of turf aeration tools to aid water absorption.

If you’d like to find out more information about our squeegees, check out our full selection below or head to our contact page to fill out an enquiry form.