Yardage Posts & Distance Markers

When it comes to maximising on course performance, yardage markers are a must have. For those golfers who like to keep it old school (no GPS or rangefinder gadgets) yardage markers can be vital in helping land the ball on the green rather than 20 yards short or past it.

Any good golfer will know that as much as we can eyeball the distance to the flag, it can be 100x more beneficial to have yardage markers to do the work for us. That’s why we provide tee hole information signs, fairway yardage markers, customisable tee box markers and driving range distance signs designed to remove all guesswork.

Our golf course distance markers are created out of a premium EcoPlex material, crafted to look truly elegant on any golf course. All yardage markers are available in either black or brown, with our custom EcoPlex markers also coming with the ability to add your golf club’s logo as well as your desired yardages.

BMS’s premium driving range yardage signs are also a great way to help your visitors and members get a better feel for their clubs distances. This is truly important for optimising the effectiveness of your on-course yardage markers. Our driving range distance signs are created using high quality, super strong materials designed to be unbreakable and impact resistant.

For any and all customisation enquiries please get in contact via our Contact BMS page. From numbers to text to logos, we’ll do our best to make your products unique to your needs.