Bunker Rakes

There’s no doubt that one of the worst sights in golf is seeing your ball nestled into a big shoe print or divot in an unraked bunker. It’s the stuff of nightmares, especially when you’ve potentially got a new personal best on the cards. At BMS Products we don’t want your golf course to be a victim of these tragic scenes, that’s where our high quality bunker rakes come in.

At BMS we stock a huge range of rakes from bunker rakes to all round general use rakes. Our bunker rakes are produced from premium quality, durable composite materials and are available with either strong aluminium composite handles or wooden handles.

For those looking to purchase in bulk, we even offer package deals, so be sure to contact us to see if your order is eligible.

On top of our regular bunker rakes, we also offer spare rake heads and handles allowing golf clubs to keep spare parts readily available so any damaged parts can be quickly replaced without bunkers being left without rakes.

We also stock bunker rake discs and bunker rake stickers. Whilst our rake discs can be a great way to keep rake handles clean and easy to pick up, our rake stickers can be a good way to leave polite little reminders about desired bunker etiquette.

For general maintenance of golf course bunkers, we also sell our Debris Sieve Rakes, these are a truly brilliant tool for any greenkeeper to have in their toolbox. Designed to sieve stones, leaves and litter out of bunkers, just rake over the surface of the sand for the rake to collect any unwanted debris.

For golf courses that are serious about course maintenance, we also supply divot bags and divot bag stands as well as our stunning range of premium golf course bins.

See our full range of rakes below to find out more, or head over to our contact BMS page to submit an enquiry form.