Boot Wipers

At BMS Products we understand that during the winter months mud and debris can become a problem on and off the course. That’s why we provide our Tee Area Ballwasher Stations for on the course, and our Bootwiper Stations for off the course to help keep facilities such as pro shops, locker rooms or driving range bays clean. Whether venues are looking for bootwiper stations or high quality hand brushes and scrapers to keep mud and debris on the course, we have all options covered.

We offer two bootwiper stations, the first is our 4 foot bootwiper station ideal for any and all outdoor sports venues. Simply decide whether your bootwiper would be more effective with bolt down feet for hard surfaces or spiked feet for softer surfaces. Or we have our square pattern bootwiper which provides 4 brushes to target the bottom and sides of shoes or boots, this has the option of being bolted down or just used as a freestanding station.

For those venues looking for a more budget friendly shoe cleaning option, we also sell our strong and sturdy boot cleaning brushes and scrapers. These are specially designed with a long wooden handle and tough, rigid bristles to help with the effective removal of mud or debris from shoes or sports boots.

Our brand also prides itself on making sure our products provide years and years of effective and purposeful use to our customers, thats why we also strive to offer a wide range of replacement parts where possible. For those looking for bootwiper replacement parts, we offer spare bootwiper brushes for our square pattern bootwiper station, allowing for years of use without having to replace the entire unit.

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