Our rake section is here to ensure no matter what job needs doing, if it requires a rake, you’ll have the right one for the task. Whether you’re looking for a rake to collect up leaves, smooth out bunkers, spread topsoil, or clean up hedge and grass trimmings, we’ve got the rake you need here. However, if our rakes aren’t the tool for the job, we’re sure you’ll find the tools you do need in our Greenkeeper Turf Care Hand Tools section.

All of our rakes are built for years of use and designed with a strong and durable frame using a range of different materials to provide the best performance for greenkeepers.

For those golf clubs looking for more course maintenance style rakes, we have our 1m Dummy Rake, Steel Landscaper Rake, Wooden Hay Rake, Aluminium Landscaper rake and Plastic Leaf Rake. All of these together will help maintain a beautiful course, we also manufacture our Bunker Debris Sieve Rake which is the ultimate bunker maintenance tool designed to remove litter, stones and other debris from bunkers.

In this section you will find our trustworthy and reliable range of bunker rakes. This includes our Complete Golf Bunker Rakes and our Complete Golf Bunker Rake With Wooden Handle. For those who are looking to maintain their bunker rakes, we have a great range of spare parts too. Check out the full range below to find our replacement Composite Bunker Rake Handles and Spare Bunker Rake Heads.

Clubs can also customise their rakes using our rake accessories. We offer Bunker Rake Rest Discs which can be customised with text or logos, or clubs can purchase our “Please leave rakes in the bunker” rake stickers.

Why not provide your members and visitors with the tools to help maintain great fairways and tee boxes all year round too! We have a fantastic range of Divot Bags and Stands to help golf courses keep on top of divot repair.

View our full range below to find out more, or for any questions or enquiries head over to our Contact Us page to find our enquiry form.