Marker Posts, Chain & Rope

Our marker posts, chain and rope section has been put together to provide golf clubs with every product necessary for course and people management. In this section you’ll find marker posts, rope stakes, chain posts, plastic chain, rope and ground sockets.

We understand that part of the successful running of any golf course is making sure players follow on course paths when necessary and making sure people do not access areas of the course that are under repair.

Below we have a wide range of products that will provide venues with everything needed for marking out course walkways, roping off under repair or off limits areas, and defining areas on your course where OOB boundaries are. We also supply a great selection of On Course Signage to help provide players with any information they may need to know whilst out on the course.

Our range of marker posts and stakes have all been designed for appearance as well as functionality, using our premium EcoPlex and ColourPlex materials to provide superior quality and longevity. All of our EcoPlex and ColourPlex posts are available in different colours allowing golf clubs to best suit their new furniture to current course furniture.

We also offer our steel chain posts, finished in either a white, black or green powder coating, these make a classic addition to any golf course walkway or tee box. All of our steel chain posts stand 1m tall and come supplied with a ground socket.

To complete the package we also supply plastic chain and rope. Our plastic chain is available in three different colours with either a 6 or 8mm thickness and our rope is available in blue or green, supplied on a reel with a total length of 220 meters.

For those courses with blind tee shots or blind greens, BMS also sells Warning Bells and Warning Bell Posts for the safety of players whilst out on the golf course.

Check out our full range of products below to also find 1m pigtail rope stakes, ground sockets and fairway indicator posts. For any other enquiries please head over to our Contact Us page where you can find out enquiry form.