Hole Cups & Accessories

Whether you’re looking for hole cups, hole cup covers, hole cup setters, golf cup lifters or hole paint and stencils, we’ve got everything you need here. We also offer our revolutionary range of Master and iPro Holecutters for the most professional holecutting results. We know that they might only take up a tiny percentage of your course, but they’re where every golf ball on every hole eventually (hopefully in not too many shots) ends up.

So why not start off with some pristine new hole cups? We’ve got aluminium phosphate hole cups, winter 6” steel hole cups, white plastic hole cups and black plastic hole cups. You could even go one step further and purchase a set of our customised hole cup insert sleeves with your very own golf club logo on? Or maybe a logo donut hole cup insert for that extra touch of class.

We can even help you ensure your hole cups are fitted perfectly with hole cup settlers, anti-sink cup rings and stabiliser rings. At BMS Products we can help make sure your hole cups always sit immaculately in the hole.

On top of that, we also offer a selection of hole painting stencils and paint application tools. These are not only fantastic for saving time by making hole painting so much simpler, but also for eradicating the chances of overspray meaning no damage to the hole cup or grass around the hole.

Finally it’s time to add the most important finishing touch. View our incredible range of Customisable Pin Flags to add an exclusive and professional feel to your greens.

View our full range below or for more information contact us by phone, email or fill out our enquiry form on the ‘Contact BMS’ page.