Aeration Tools

At BMS Products we understand that in order for a golf course to look good above ground, it’s also got to look good beneath the ground. That is why we made it our priority to ensure that golf courses and greenkeepers could have access to the most essential aeration tools on the market. Our aeration range includes TT Sarel Spikers, Sarel Rollers, Hand Lawn Spikers, Aeration Corer Collectors, Weasel Tools, Hedgehog Multi Tools and more.

Aeration is a crucial part of successful golf course turf maintenance for many reasons. Firstly it allows air and moisture to reach the root level, this is essential for root health which means healthier growing turf. Aeration is also vital for gaseous exchange, allowing fresh oxygen to enter the soil and carbon dioxide to leave, this is important as excessive levels of carbon dioxide in the soil can reduce water supply to the roots and create conditions where disease can thrive. Finally, aeration is needed for effective course drainage during wetter months so water does not end up sitting on top of heavily compacted ground. For extra help dealing with surface water on greens, our Green Care Squeegees and Dew Brushes are an excellent way to quickly remove excess water.

In order to help sports venues make sure this doesn’t happen we have manufactured our fantastic our fantastic range of aeration tools. For aeration on a smaller scale we have our Sarel Roller and Aeration Corer Collector, or for bigger scale aeration we offer our Tractor Mounted TT Sarel Spiker. We also have our specially designed Turf Aeration Hand Tools which can provide quick and effective water and oxygen access into the soil.

To help customers get the most out of their tools, we also have a variety of replacement parts and accessories. These include our Truckster Mounting Bracket Set, our 3-Point Hand Sarel Linkage Frame, our Towing Bracket and Eye, and our spare Tines and Sarel Spikes.

For more information please view our full range below, or for any questions or enquiries contact us by phone, email or fill out our enquiry form on the ‘Contact BMS’ page.