Sarel Roller

SKU: BMS-0001

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Three widths of Sarel Aerators are available. Aids water & air penetration, greatly improves root growth for use when seeding and general turf maintenance.

Each large spiked section is 280mm in diameter, calculated to avoid ‘tearing’ of the turf. The tensile steel spikes are 6mm in diameter and 45mm in length. Each spike is replaceable, held on with a locking nut. Also coupled to each unit is a 115mm diameter roller for transportation across hard surfaces and for use as a ground rolling tool.

– Does not tear, can be used without interrupting play conditions.
– Aeration of the roots, greatly stimulating healthy and vigorous growth.
– Prevent burning during hot weather. The hole made allows hot air to escape, allowing fresh air and moisture to penetrate the roots, at the same time loosening the soil, allowing the roots to spread freely and healthily.
-Provides excellent drainage for water, and standing water.
– Allows top dressing to penetrate easily to the roots, ensuring faster and much longer-lasting results, top dressing is no use only on the surface.
– Prevents moss forming.
– Around 250 holes per square meter are made.