Information Signs

Crafted using a revolutionary new EcoPlex material, our information signs are designed to stand head and shoulders above the competition. EcoPlex is our innovative new material created from recycled plastic and designed to provide real wood aesthetics. Our EcoPlex products also provide customers with a guaranteed 10+ year lifespan whilst requiring absolutely no maintenance.

For golf courses that are looking to create a fantastic first impression right from the first tee, our EcoPlex course overview signs are a perfect way to achieve this. Let members and visitors know about course conditions, course etiquette and rules, course maintenance work or any competitions or events that are going to affect available tee times. Simply get in contact with us and let us know what you would like your golf course information sign to look like.

We also offer our general information signs, these are ideal for on and off course usage. Let people know about water hazards, where the next tee box is, where any practice facilities are, any priority rules on the golf course or any other necessary information. Feel free to give us a call to discuss what you would like on your sign.

As with so many of our products, we aim to provide flexible options to ensure your finished product is as uniquely tailored for your golf course as possible. Our golf course information signs come as standard in a black or brown colour, however from there we provide as much potential for you to personalize the contents of your sign. From the colour of any information plates to club logos to additional sign modifications such as slider rails.

Head over to our Car Park Signs or Directional Signs section for more premium quality signage to maximise the professional feel of your golf course.

For more information see our full range below, or for any questions or queries head over to our contact page to find our enquiry form.