Our BMS manufactured footgolf products have been designed to provide all the essentials you will need to create your footgolf course. Our range currently includes Footgolf Hole Cups, Footgolf Hole Cutting Templates, Footgolf Cup Covers, and our Standard Footgolf Flag. For those customers looking for a footgolf set, we also offer our Footgolf Package which consists of 9 footgolf hole cups, 9 flagpins and 9 standard footgolf flags which can be customised on request.

All of our footgolf products are manufactured to the highest quality with our hole cups being created using high quality steel for the surround and strong, durable plastic for the base. Our hole cups are also available in either UK or USA size to allow for use with either a UK or USA flagstick.

In order to allow venues to cut neat and consistent holes, we also manufacture our footgolf cutting template. This has been designed to not only make hole cutting quicker and easier, but also to minimise damage to surrounding turf whilst holecutting is being completed. Once all holes have been cut and hole cups have been inserted, customers might benefit from the use of hole cup covers in order to keep mud and debris out of the cups whilst not in use. Our cup covers are specially designed to fit BMS hole cups and are created using fully weatherproof wood.

For those venues looking to promote their footgolf course, we also sell our Clubhouse Flags and Feather Flags which can be fully personalised to suit each customer’s requirements.

For more information please view our full range below, or for any questions or enquiries contact us by phone, email or fill out our enquiry form on the ‘Contact BMS‘ page.