Footgolf Package

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In 2009 BMS was a part of the design team that developed one of the first ever Footgolf holecups. Over the years BMS has developed and improved this product based on feedback and changes to the industry standards.
The holecups are manufactured in our UK factory to ensure they are produced to the highest standards. The holecups are fabricated using high-quality steel for the surround, and thick plastic for the bases resulting in a premium quality product. The slightly tapered design allows easy installation, plus for transport, all 9 cups will fit comfortably onto a single pallet.

Included in the Package:

  • 9 Footgolf Holecups
  • 9 Flagpins / sticks
  • 9 Standard Footgolf Flags (Custom design with your own logo, brand or design is available on request)

Extras available separately include a large hole cutting template jig, cup covers, tee markers, removable branding graphics for special event days and other accessories.