Nearest the Pin & Longest Drive

No matter how much we try to hide it, we all love a bit of competition. Whether it’s serious or just a bit of fun against family and friends, nothing provides more fun and excitement than the chance to show our superiority. That’s why BMS Products loves proving golf courses with our great selection of longest drive and closest to the pin signs, as well as our fantastic range of Tournament or Event day Golf Essentials.

Whether it’s for a club tournament or an event day, if there’s one thing that’s sure to ramp up the fun, it’s some friendly competition. That’s where our longest drive markers and closest to the pin markers come in. We offer a great range of longest drive and closest to the pin signs for tee boxes and longest drive and nearest to the pin markers for people to record their attempts on.

Our vast selection of different designs also allows for personalizations such as club or event logo’s and a choice of different text. This is a great way to wow your members and visitors with signs and markers specially customized to any event or tournament.

All of our longest drive and nearest to the pin signs and markers are designed to be super strong and durable to provide premium longevity, as well as reassurance that any impact from golf balls will not cause damage.

We also offer our very unique measuring flagpin, what better way to provide a method of measuring nearest to the pin attempts than with a specially designed measuring tape inspired flagpin? Guaranteed to be a real talking point for members and visitors alike.

View our fantastic selection of Customisable Golf Flags, Hole Cup Inserts and Tee Markers for more ways to add a tour feel to your next tournament or event day.

For more information on our signs and markers browse our full selection below, or send us an enquiry via our Contact BMS page.