Flags & Pins

Our flags and pins range is one of the most extensive you’ll find with a huge selection of golf flags and flagsticks for both on-course and practice facility use. We also sell a selection of different flag pin tops as well as flagstick ferrules designed to fit either UK or USA hole cups.

We offer a huge range of flags from standard flags, to chequered flags, custom printed flags, embroidered flags, and driving range flags. Our flags are available in a selection of different colours, with some offering customisations such as the ability to add logos, text or even photographs (custom printed flags). We know that flags can play an important part in promoting your golf club’s identity, so we want to make sure you can find the right one for you.

Our range also includes flagsticks with our standard 2m version and 2.2m tournament pins. View our individual products to find out more about any potential specification options such as colours, patterns, flag attachment types and ferrule options.

For any golf clubs looking to add to or just improve their practice facilities, we also have our putting pins and driving range distance flags. These not only provide a professional feel to your practice facility but are designed to be of the highest quality.

For those looking for flagstick attachments, we also provide flag pin tops and flag pin ferrules allowing for flags to be able to fit either UK or USA hole cups.

Alternatively, for all your hole-cutting needs, BMS is proud to offer our revolutionary range of Master and iPro Holecutters, designed for the highest quality hole cutting with unparalleled accuracy.

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