Aeration Corer Collector

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The BMS aeration fork with a collection container improves your lawn!

The aerating fork made of high-quality steel strip is a rock-solid and effective tool and is valued by professional greenkeepers on golf courses as well as by amateur gardeners for aerating lawns! The aerating fork comes standard with five interchangeable hollow tines.  The solid collecting container of the aerating fork immediately picks up the cores that have been cut out and saves you the hassle of manually collecting them or sweeping the cores off the lawn.

Properties of the coring fork with collection container:

  • frame made of high-quality steel strip
  • large plastic collection container
  • including five interchangeable/ replaceable steel hollow tines (100mm x 12.7mm)
  • if handled properly, the frame is indestructible
  • Ideally suited for professional use on golf courses and sports facilities, as well as for home use

Why is aerating necessary?
Using the aeration fork prevents waterlogging and moss growth. Waterlogging occurs when the soil is heavily compacted. The rainwater is prevented from penetrating into the ground, accumulates and pools of water form, which in turn can damage the lawn grass. Maintaining soil pores through aerating greatly improves nutrient uptake and the water and air circulation important to lawn grasses. Regular and seasonal aeration on lawns has a significant impact on the healthy development, resilience and quality of lawn grasses during

Advantages of regular use of the aerating fork with collection container:

  • the use of the aerating fork improves the water absorption capacity
  • promotes the rapid rise in soil temperature
  • increases the soil pore volume
  • Improved air exchange which has a growth-promoting effect
  • improved water and nutrient supply to the grasses
  • Promotes the breakdown of thatch and organic material
  • supports the formation of an even and resilient surface