Railmaster Golf Holecutter

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The BMS Railmaster is a revolutionary hole-cutting device.

The blades travel along a guided rail system to ensure a perfectly cut hole – not only a first for the client base of BMS, but for the industry. The new and amended design has built upon the solid foundation of the first model and features a modified blade top to eliminate hammer contact issues, closer tolerance engineering to ensure precision and reduce plug drop, two additional bracing points and extra welding. Not to mention the redesigned blades boasting up to four times the life of the nearest competitor.

Key Features:
  • Manufactured in the UK.
  • Cuts a perfect 4.25” diameter hole.
  • Solid one-piece frame construction, keeps all moving parts accurate with closer tolerance.
  • Mid height carry handle and extra bracing support to reduce flexing.
  • Railmaster bearing guide rails on both blades, slide effortlessly against each other helping keep parallel blade travel whilst cutting holes, resulting in a perfectly cut tournament finish.
  • Razor sharp toughened steel blades, up to four times stronger than any previous blades.
  • Built-in depth stop adjuster locks solid, fix anywhere in ¼” increments between 6” and 8” cut depth.
“We previously used a cheaper brand of hole changer because it seemed cost efficient but we were replacing many sets of blades each year. Since switching to the BMS Railmaster we have used only 1 set of blades and it has paid for itself many times over. This is simply the best twin shell holecutter we have ever used, giving a perfect cut every time. We have since purchased two more for our other courses.”
David Wyborn, Course Superintendent
Foxhills Golf Club