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At BMS our flag pins are not manufactured in the conventional way, they have 3 thick layers of durable plastic over the top of a fibreglass base giving a luxurious feel that you won’t find anywhere else.

BMS flag pins are also fully customisable meaning you can create the best one for your purpose by choosing a pin top, pin height, stripe style, main pin colour and stripe colour.

BMS Spare Parts

Spare Locking Collars

4.41 $5.67 $
43.47 $45.36 $
10.71 $14.81 $
27.72 $33.39 $
5.04 $11.34 $

Flag Pins

Flag Pin Tops

4.41 $15.12 $

There is also a range of customisable tournament pins that are 2.2m tall with a 20mm tapered design. Putting pins are also available in a range of options such as standard swivel top, finger tops and engraved. Small samples of our flag pins are also available so you can feel the quality for yourself.