Golf Ball Lifter


£11.00£25.00 (ex. VAT)

New BMS device removes all contact with the flagstick and hole cup. Suitable for when courses re-open for restricted play.

– Contactless Ball Extractor (CBE).
– Use your putter to lift the device upwards, the golf ball will roll automatically onto the green.
– Pick up the ball from the green.
– Made in the UK.
– Available now, all orders received will be shipped within one week.
– Fits any flagpin up to 16mm diameter. Very simply slides over the top.
– Long term use, this could become the new norm after the COVID crisis is over.
– Helps those with bad backs.
– Speeds up regular play.
– Tournament Javelin pins – A new design is being worked on and will be ready during the first week of May.

NOTE: The base disc can be easily rotated either way up, to help throw the ball out further, it has a stepped option. Instructions are included.