Dew Switch Holder (pair)

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These dew switch holders are designed for flexible and convenient use across various applications. Available as a pair, they offer two distinct attachment options to suit different environments and requirements.

Option 1: Magnetic Fitting – This version is crafted for ease of use and quick adaptability. With a magnetic base, it can be effortlessly attached to any metal surface. This feature is particularly useful for scenarios requiring frequent repositioning or easy transport of the dew switch. The strong magnetic hold ensures stability and security in a variety of settings.

Option 2: Nut and Bolt Fitting – For a more permanent fixture, this model utilizes nuts and bolts for attachment. It provides a robust and enduring solution, ideal for situations where a fixed position is preferred. Once installed, the holder remains firmly in place, offering reliability and peace of mind.

Both options are designed with durability and practicality in mind, ensuring that your dew switch is accessible and secure, no matter where it is used.

Both come as a pair.